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 About Joana Gosly

Joana Gosly, artist known for her weavings and sculptures, began when she was quite young; studying weaving techniques with Esther Warner Dendel. In Dendel’s studio she participated in a workshop given by Josep Grau-Garriga.  Two years later she was one of Grau-Garriga’s collaborator in his studio in Barcelona. Presently she lives in Madrid, where she has been developing her artistic activity.

The  inclusion, and -  in some cases, protagonist -  of the metals, copper, brass and aluminum, contribute to the growing relevance of “sculpture” in her work.


I was born in Chicago and grew up in California. It must have been there that I was bewitched by the enchanted spinning wheel in the film, Sleeping Beauty,  that spun animal hair into a fine thread. I feel this same fascination with the silk worms that fabricate this soft thread and  for oxidated metal that changes in color and shape.


I like to experiment with materials, that at first glance seem to be antagonistic: such as silk and copper and nylon and brass.  Opposites attract each other. The smoothness, warmth and sensuality of the fibers opposed to the inflexibility, hardness and coldness of the metals.

My techniques  are in constant evolution. I incorporate silk, pure metals and alloys that transform the bi-dimensional weavings into sculptures, that integrate art, craftsmanship and design. I look for textures and harmony in color.

Sceneries, architecture, astronomy, biology and ethnic cultures seduce me. The combination of these influences and materiales is the essence of my inspiration and my way of creating weavings and sculptures.

Joana Gosly

Weavings & Sculptures

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