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Joana Gosly


Chicago, Illinois 1954.


2010 - present

2010 - present

Moves to California with her family in 1966, studies high school at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, Pasadena, California specializing in Humanities and Art.

Begins to weave with Esther Warner Dendal and participates in a textile workshop given by Josep Grau-Garriga at E.W.Dendal´s studio.

Studies Fine Arts at San Diego City College, California.

Does an apprenticeship and works as an assistant at Josep Grau-Garriga´s studio in Barcelona.

During the next 3 years she participates in diverse acitivities, i.e., “environments”, “happenings” and other experimental activities lead by J. Grau-Garriga in California, Paris and Arles, France and
Barcelona, Spain.

Studies weaving and etching at La Escola Massana and sculpture at La Escuela Superior de  Bellas Artes Sant Jordi in Barcelona.


Since 2000 she has been investigating the oxidation of metals and how to integrate them into textile work.


Travels to Laos to learn traditional weaving for two months.


2016    Espacio Ronda, Madrid. Spain
2016    Birgitta Elbers Gallery, Mallorca. Spain.
2013    Cruce Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
1986    The Cherry Foundation, Carmel, California.
1985    La Caixa de Pensions  - Obra social – Manresa, Spain.
1984    Municipal Museum of Fine Arts of Santander, Santander, Spain.
1984    Chys Gallery, Murcia, Spain.
1982    Joan de Serrallonga Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.



2016    Festival of Threads, Toronto, Ontario, Canadá.
2016    Triennal of Tapestry, Lodz. Poland. Artist invited to participat

2016    Affordable Art in Brussels Belgium.
2015    Cultur3Club, Palacio de Revillagigedo, Gijón. Spain.
2014    Contextile, Guimarae. Portugal.
2012    International Fair of Extraordinary Textiles, Clermont-Ferrand, France.
2011    International Exhibit in Small Format, Barcelona, Spain.
1985    FINART, organized by the Ministerio de Industria y Energia
            Casa de Campo, Madrid, Spain.
1984    International Exhibit of Fine Arts, Barcelona, Spain.
1981    Vanguard Craftsmen Show in Las Atarazanas, Barcelona, Spain.
1978    Art in Catalunya, Museum of Granollers, Barcelona, Spain.
1977    Jacks-An Gallery, Blanes, Gerona, Spain.
1975    Exhibit of Fine Arts at San Diego City College, San Diego, California.
1974    Denwar Contemporary Art, Costa Mesa, California.


Joana Gosly

Weavings & Sculptures

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